A Student’s Prayer

Liturgy for Learning – From Every Moment Holyby Douglas McKelvey

“May I learn to love learning, Oh Lord, for the world is your, and all things in it speak—each in their way—of you:  of your mind, your designs, your artistry, your power, your unfolding purpose. 

All knowledge is your knowledge.  All wisdom your wisdom.

Therefore, as I apply myself to learning, may I be mindful that all created things are your creative expression, that all stories are held within your greater story, and that all disciplines of order and design are a chasing after your thoughts—so that greater mastery of these subjects will yield ever greater knowledge of the symmetry and wonder of your ways.

Along this journey, O Great Architect of Life and Beauty, bless me with teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach, and with mentors who will take joy in awakening in me a fierce love for those parts of your creation and your story that they have already learned to love well.

As I apply myself even to those subjects that I might at first find tedious, reward my efforts with new insights, fresh inspiration, small epiphanies, and with the firm conviction that you are at work in my heart in all circumstances, not only broadening my knowledge, but also shaping my heart by patience, endurance, and discipline that I might mature to more fitly and humbly serve the purpose of your great kingdom.  

Give me a deepening knowledge of truth and a finer discernment of the ideas I encounter in my studies.  Guard my mind always against error, and guard also my heart against the temptation to compare my own performance to the work of my peers, and so to fall into either of the twin traps of shame and pride.  

Grant instead that I might happily steward what scholarly gifts you have apportioned me, and that I might do so as means of preparing myself for service to you and to others, my identity drawn from your love and forgiveness, and not from my grades or accolades here.  

Open, O Lord, as you will, the paths of my life in the days yet to come. Use my studies to further shape my vision of what my place and call in the work might be. Begin to show me where my own deep gladness and the world’s deep need might meet.  And in that light, let me be mindful not only of my studies, but also mindful of the needs of my peers and even of my teachers.  Let me respond with mercy to the failings of others.

Let me be in this school, even in small ways, a bearer of love and light and reconciliation; which is to say, let me in humility be your child.

God grant this child discernment and wisdom, Guard me from error.  God grant this child knowledge and understanding.  Lead me to truth.  God bless the labors of this new season.  Shape me for your service.”